Photoshop Sharingan Tutorial

Teaches you how to make your eye into a sharingan eye.


25 thoughts on “Photoshop Sharingan Tutorial

  1. Can anyone here possibly do it for one of my pictures?? I want to set it as my profile pic on Facebook. I’ll love yall forever if you can please help me out. Its actually only one of my eyes so it wont be too much work.

  2. ughhh when i think you’ve made the best l/k vid possible, you come out with something like this. FLAWLESS. i remember listening to this song over and over again for l/k even before season 3 started, so this is like a dream to have them vidded to it. i mean these lyrics just vid them so tragically perfect. he just wants her, to be with her, take care of her, protect her. btw 2:30 till the end…i can feel actual pain – just perfect kdjf;lakdsjfklsajflkaj i CAN NOT

  3. Really great tutorials!
    Thank you for the suggestion.
    Iam sure your website will be useful for many ppl.

    ps:just finished the install of Photoshop CC and it works 🙂 <3

  4. i am using adobe photoshop CS5.1 (64 bit)
    and i cant zoom the image of the sharingan
    both images act as one what do you think i could do

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  7. Way awesome tutorial man, I spent like 10 minutes using regular eraser tool to clean up the eye to make it ‘fit’ perfectly. Idk why, but the background eraser tool just feels like a normal eraser but takes longer..

    And I set my final layer to apply image and soft light to make it blend a little more nicely afterward 😀

  8. I found a better way to remove the pupil, instead of Copying/Pasting, try using the Clone Stamp Tool, nice tutorial btw, my friends will be Jealous.

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